The Potential of Online PR

The Potential of Online PR

Online PR enables companies to reach their consumers themselves. It is not only about the standard press release. PR has gone through sweeping changes over the last decade due to the ongoing effects of digital marketing. A lot of venues are being added for PR, blogs, social media sites, online video shows, radio programs, and online press distribution sites.

Practitioners in the online PR world make sure their channels don’t become cluttered by junk. Today’s listeners and readers have very short attention spans and it takes only a few moments of boredom to move them to more appealing content. The benefits of online PR are given below.

Brand Awareness

Online PR can improve a brand’s reach. If a brand is well-positioned in online media, it will help increase brand awareness among the target audience. This would enable the brand to reach more potential customers. Online coverage generates engagement from communities who are interested in the brand. Increased exposure doesn’t always translate to increased brand awareness.

Hence, strategies like running hashtags on Instagram and posting regularly on social media using the brand voice can be used. Brands like Nike and Coca Cola have developed a distinct voice with their content. This has also helped to build their brand awareness.

Customer Acquisition

Customers today are digitally savvy and committed to researching their purchases by using product reviews. To help the growth of interest  and movement towards action, it is crucial not to overlook the customer experience.

Listing benefits is a more direct way to relate to customers and show them what they would gain by selecting one business over another.

Think about possible problems that a customer may face and how the product or business can solve those problems. This helps a business stand out.

Influencer Led Strategies

An influencer’s endorsement can seem more genuine than traditional ads. Consumers are more likely to trust people they see on their social media feeds. An influencer can connect with actual people in the target market.

They can influence public perception with their product reviews, unboxing videos and tutorials.

Daniel Wellington gifted beautiful watches to influencers from varied niches. Some of them featured these gifts in their Instagram posts.

Content that Tells Stories

A pivotal part of online PR is content marketing. With consumers having more choice than ever before, it is important for brands to connect with consumers in more meaningful ways in order to be successful.

It is important to craft a compelling story around a brand that can resonate with customers.

The storytelling can be in the form of a creative meme or a thought leadership article. PR professionals have to ensure that the story adds value to the brand. It should engage the audience and provoke feelings.


Nowadays PR professionals work closely with SEO experts to inform strategy with data to achieve organic search success. Online PRs are focused on building links about their brands through online coverage.

They also track the effects of these links on the brands’ website rankings, conversion to sales and traffic.