Three Ways To Increase Your Donations

Three Ways To Increase Your Donations

Here’s how to make it easy for your donors

donors give backIf there is one thing that all nonprofits have in common, it’s that they could always use more funding. People get into charity work because they want to do good. They might be the most efficient people on the planet, but there comes a point when, if you want to get more done, you have to get more money. That can be a tough sell, and it’s also why so much charity PR includes requests for donations. Not because they are in it for the money, but because they can’t do “it” without funding.

In this article, Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations and president of the Torossian Foundation, offers three suggestions on how to increase your charity donations through target and simple nonprofit PR.

#1 – Give back

People tend to be more open to giving when they are having a good time. Charity events such as auctions, Vegas nights, galas and golf tournaments might take a lot of work to put together, but they can also offer big payoffs. You can even turn these events into annual celebrations your supporters will come to look forward to. Once they expect to invest a certain amount of money at a certain time, you can reasonably expect them to continue to do so. People often give because they are in the habit of giving.

#2 – Recurring donations

There’s a good chance you are leaving a ton of money on the table by not offering your donors a chance to set up for small recurring donations. Five- or ten-dollar donations may not be huge, but stack those up over time and they can be a huge benefit to your operating budget. Setting up a recurring payments option on your charity website is a simple way to give your volunteers and donors an opportunity to support your cause in a way that doesn’t leave them so light in the wallet.

#3 – Specific donations

Money is easier to donate when there is a specific cause associated with it. And by specific I don’t mean “your charity or cause.” I’m talking about a specific aspect or scenario within the spectrum of your cause. Some people care deeply about one thing. Others are more willing to donate when they are being asked to help support something specific and tangible. A project or end goal they can see and appreciate once it’s been accomplished.

For more tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your fundraising, contact Ronn Torossian and 5WPR here.