Top Nonprofits and what Makes them Great

Top Nonprofits and what Makes them Great

Most people working for or associated with a nonprofit organization will tell you that they choose to be a part of that organization because it represents something that they are passionate about. For many people, the mission of a nonprofit is reason enough to get involved. There is more to being a great nonprofit organization than the mission explains Ronn Torossian. According to Torossian, there are countless minute things that top nonprofits do to make them great, and this is what helps the missions of these nonprofits to be successful.

One of the top five nonprofits is the Wounded Warrior Project. This organization’s mission is to help and raise awareness for wounded veterans. People associated with this organization cite one of the reasons for the organization’s success as being fair to its employees in regards to pay and benefits. Employees are not only passionate about their work, but they also feel they are compensated well.

The American Heart Institute is cited as one of the most organized nonprofits, and this contributes to it being one of the top five best nonprofit organizations. Organization and leadership are essential for keeping any organization running smoothly, but it is especially important for nonprofits that utilize countless volunteers each year.

Year Up is a great nonprofit that excels in the area of growth. Nonprofit organizations need to be able to spread their message in order to gain support and further their mission. Year Up accomplishes this by reaching out to benefit the community and communicating their actions clearly.

Finally, the Public Health Institute is one of top five great nonprofits due to excellent planning. While planning is important for any organization, nonprofits need to plan especially well to handle numerous volunteers, charity events, and donation collections.

All in all, each of these top five nonprofits implements similar strategies that have led to them being great. They offer fair salaries and benefits to employees, communicate regularly with anyone involved in the organization, keep things organized, focus on growth, and excel at planning. These strategies are essential for any nonprofit to be successful.