Trends and Tips on Website Conversions

Trends and Tips on Website Conversions

Plenty of marketers tend to put a lot of focus on driving traffic to a company’s website. However, that’s a relatively easy task these days.

The real challenge comes when companies have to convert as much of that website traffic as possible with the use of effective conversion rate optimization.

These days, the smallest changes can mean a lot for a company’s conversion rates and bottom lines, because even increasing a conversion rate by a single point means that the company has been able to double its revenue.

Video Content

One of the best ways that companies can convert website visitors is through video content. With businesses having limited space to work on their landing pages, video content is a great way to provide some additional information for potential consumers, which can increase conversion rates.

Personalized CTAs

One of the most popular trends in marketing these days is personalization, and according to many marketers and experts, with personalized calls to action (CTAs), companies can get over a 40% increase in converted website visitors compared to calls to action that haven’t been personalized.

Loading Pages

Fast website loading times aren’t just important for high rankings in search engine results pages. Many times, slow loading websites is what makes consumers change their minds and not make a purchase, which hurts a company’s conversions by nearly 10%, even if that delay is only a second long.

While companies aren’t responsible for the internet speed of their website visitors, websites can always be optimized to load faster, such as through compressed images or choosing the right hosting service.

User-Generated Content

Another great way that companies can increase their conversions is with the help of user-generated content. Content such as positive product reviews shows third-party validation to potential consumers, which can lead to those potential consumers making a purchase.

Leads can establish a sense of trust rather quickly through user-generated content, especially when it’s featured on product or checkout pages.

Email Campaigns

Companies should also be utilizing personalization in their email newsletters as well as their email marketing campaigns. When a business reaches out to a potential customer that has left items in their online cart, it’s one of the most effective strategies for increasing conversion rates.

These emails can be as simple as a polite reminder, or they can be more advanced and add branding, behavioral copy such as a limited time offer, and personalized copy.

Scarcity Techniques

Many consumers don’t like to miss out on a good deal, generally because the human mind fears loss a lot more than it values any gain.

When it comes to website conversions, the best demonstration of this is to show potential consumers a limited-time offer, or tell them that a product might be low on stock so they shouldn’t take too much time to make a purchase. This way, the company can nudge a customer into making a purchase while they were previously only considering it.