Turning Instagram Followers into Customers and Generating Conversions

Turning Instagram Followers into Customers and Generating Conversions

Instagram has been around for over a decade now, which is quite a long time in terms of social media platforms and their longevity, and despite all that, it’s still one of the most widely used platforms.

That means it’s the perfect place for companies to create a community around their brands, connect with their target audiences, and generate more sales.

With over 2 billion active monthly users, Instagram is a great place for companies to reach potential customers across all demographic groups.

Converting Followers into Consumers on Instagram


When it comes to Instagram, companies need to be creating a community around their brands instead of simply looking to get a decent amount of followers.

That’s because when a company shares its content on Instagram with its community, it’s going to generate a lot more engagement through likes, comments, and even direct messages.

Other social media platforms tend to highlight a single type of content, which ends up limiting the way that companies and their customers can interact with each other.

However, Instagram provides its users with a number of different formats for their content such as images, clips, videos, stories, Reels, and more.

Not only that, but the platform also gives users all the tools they might need to generate more followers, nurture the relationship with the existing ones, and even convert the followers into customers.

That means if a company is only focused on a single type of content, it usually ends up missing out on all the other ones that can bring a lot of positive results.


Companies that are able to share a variety of different types of content on Instagram are also able to create a lot more potential touch points with their customers.

Additionally, out of all the other social media platforms, Instagram has the best record for actually showing a company’s posts to all of its followers.

Other social media platforms, such as Facebook or TikTok, for example, don’t do that.

In fact, Facebook is popular for limiting the reach of many of the business pages available on the platform, and TikTok, on the other hand, is created around the idea of discovering new content, which means even if an account has followers, it’s not guaranteed that they’ll be presented the content.

However, on Instagram, companies get a lot more exposure than any other social media platform they might be using because the platform itself was created to create, develop, and nurture relationships between people and even businesses.

That’s precisely why Instagram is so a very powerful tool that companies can use to generate conversions and sales.

Generating Conversions on Instagram Through Content

According to reports, at the end of 2021, Instagram had more downloads compared to TikTok, which is surprising given the vast and quick growth of the latter.

Additionally, the platform is still rapidly growing and although most of the user base is relatively young, there are users across every demographic.

That makes the platform one of the best places for companies to generate more conversions.


When a company decides on a content strategy, most tend to get comfortable leading up endlessly repeating it. However, this type of strategy ends up decreasing in performance over a long period of time if it hasn’t changed or optimized at some point.

That’s because people tend to follow a number of different accounts on the platform, and companies have to stand out from all those accounts and provide some variety over a period of time.

To truly strengthen the relationship that a company has with its followers on Instagram, companies have to create different types of content and distribute it on the platform.

Constantly creating and sharing the same type of content can easily bore most followers, which can end up backfiring for a business, since most bored followers end up not doing business with the company, and even unfollowing it on social media platforms.

That’s why companies have to refresh the content regularly on Instagram to keep all of their followers engaged.


Aside from sharing different types of content, companies also have to vary the format of the content they want to share on the platform.

Although it might be tempting to constantly utilize a single type of format for every post, that’s not actually ideal for any sales strategy.

Plenty of businesses ended up pivoting to the Reels videos and constantly creating short-form videos when Instagram released the new feature.

That quickly ended up not performing as well as it could have because these businesses stopped varying the type of content they shared.

Different formats of the content on Instagram tend to work better for different stages of the buying journey that the customers are going through.

Carousel posts are a great way for companies to provide their customers with a lot more details about their solutions, or even the business itself.

Through the Reels feature companies can make a great initial contact with potential followers, and reach a lot more people on the platform.

Additionally, companies also have to vary the types of content they are sharing inside the different formats.

If a company usually creates stories as a way to have a quick conversation with its followers, it can instead start taking photos behind the scenes of the business or start creating some carousel posts with a text overlay to start informing the followers in a different way.

The strategy is going to keep a lot more people watching for longer periods of time, and as everyone has different preferences on how they want to consume content on social media platforms, this way the company can cater to everyone.

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