Upping Social Engagement

Upping Social Engagement

With more consumers engaging on social media since the pandemic, it’s more important that brands up their social engagement. Promoting and encouraging more engagement and interaction can only help boost interest and sales. Here are some tips.

Consider the Why

Consumers use social media to remain in contact with friends and family. But they also want to be informed and entertained. If CMOs target messages that are informational, fun and entertaining, they’ll gather more followers.

Good Content

Today’s consumer expects nothing less than quality content. Not only do messages and videos need to be high quality and of good content, but they must also be easily and quickly understood and grammatically correct. If some content is “spilled” incorrectly, how can the consumer trust the brand? Marketers must also ensure that the appropriate calls to action (CTA) and hashtags are displayed.

Images that stir imagination and generate curiosity attract interest and attention. Produce and show videos when possible. Research has shown that viewers retain 80% more information with one-minute videos. Of course, be sure to post links to relevant sources as well and poll posts. Offering giveaways also keeps customers on the page and encourages more engagement.

Bright Humor

Humor and wit keep visitors’ attention and engagement. In employing this, CMOs must be sure to know their target audience and not post things that could be viewed as offensive. Done well and in good taste, brans not only enhance their good image but also retain and attract viewers who are seeking an escape.

Just a Starting Point

Consider this a starting point to the beginning of a successful and long relationship. Continually monitor posts and seek out ways to continue and add to the dialogue. A couple of obvious ways are to answer all consumer questions and ask for suggestions and comments. Respond to all comments, especially negative ones. Above all, let consumers know the brand appreciates all feedback and ideas.

Studies have shown that consumers who feel a brand is adding value to their lives are loyal and communicative. Creating and nurturing this two-way flow of communication will not only keep them engaged, but also give them a feeling of unbridled empowerment. And brands that view consumer engagement as an ongoing affair rather than just an annual activity will reap rewards.

Regular Check-ups

In addition to monitoring consumer feedback, there are also tools that can monitor a brand’s social media and provide valuable data. There are numerous social media monitoring brands on the market, and CMOs should invest in one that best fits their needs.

Some key things to look for in a social media monitoring tool include real-time monitoring on social media platforms where the brand has a presence. It’s also important to be able to track topics that matter to the brand to be able to respond in a timely manner.

For many brands, scheduling, monitoring, measuring, and analytics features are also critical, so look for those features as well, if applicable. Track keywords on Twitter as well as monitor Facebook and Instagram ad comments.

Brands that can up their social media engagement will likely see not just increased sales, but also more engaged and loyal customers.

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