Using AI in Marketing

Using AI in Marketing

As a marketing tool, AI has grown in popularity. Marketing deals with understanding the needs of customers and then matching them to products and services.

Marketing also includes persuading customers to buy.

These core activities can be enhanced by marketing.

There are different types of marketing AI applications available today and they can be integrated into the marketing plan of a business.

This would result in deeply personalized customer experiences.

Benefits of AI Marketing

Customers interact with marketing messages in a different way now. That is because they expect businesses to tailor messages to their needs. If marketing is non-personalized, businesses may choose not to interact with it.

AI helps marketers to personalize communication at an individual level. For instance, whenever a customer logs into Amazon, they get tailored recommendations. AI also helps to price products dynamically depending on availability, demand, and customer profiles.

Some organizations use chatbots to provide a quicker response to customers. Chatbots direct the conversation to a human agent if the question is too complex.

Since they are not humans, chatbots can be relied on to be always polite and likable. Businesses can also use AI at every step of the customer journey. Given below are the ways that AI can be used in marketing.

Enhance user Experience

When the audience visits the website of a business, their user experience affects the way they perceive the business. Their experience should be positive.

For this, AI is needed as it provides personalized user experience. It uses data points to display suitable content to website visitors.

Integrated Applications

CRM systems often have machine learning -capabilities built into their products. For instance, the Sales Cloud Einstein suite of Salesforce has several capabilities.

It has an AI-based lead-scoring system that ranks B2B customer leads by the likelihood of purchase.

There is also AI available that trains call center salespeople.

Stand Alone Applications

There are plenty of isolated AI programs that are used in marketing. These are not used when customers learn about a business or get support from it.

These applications are used when customers move beyond the primary channels of marketing. For instance, Behr, the paint company, uses a color-discovery app.

This app uses IBM Watson’s natural language processing to make personal color recommendations that demonstrate the mood customers want for their space.

Automation of Tasks

AI also helps to perform repetitive tasks that are often required in marketing.

For instance, a company can use an AI-based system that sends a welcome mail to each new customer. Chatbots also belong to this category. They help customers with some basic interactions.

Dynamic Content in Emails

Emails are successful when they have content that subscribers are interested in. AI helps to produce dynamic content that makes sure that it is relevant to subscribers based on data insights.

This would boost open rates as relevant content would resonate better with subscribers. This is a marketing asset for businesses.

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