Using Brochures for Nonprofits

Using Brochures for Nonprofits

A brochure acts as a representative of an organization to the public.

A brochure should convey key information about an organization, it should also do more than that.

It should successfully capture the spirit of the organization it represents.

It should tell the world why an organization matters and to do that it should draw on the things that make an organization unique.

Given below are the reasons why a nonprofit should invest time and effort in making brochures.

The Audience

The target audience for different nonprofits are different.

A nonprofit might be trying to raise money to provide children with healthy snacks. Its target audience will then be local community members who have to be convinced that the children need their support.

Here the target audience would need an appeal to their hearts. This would mean brochures with profiles of children and accompanying photographs.

A long list of statistics and pie charts might not be as effective. If an environmental group wants support to preserve wetlands, a map showing the location of the wetlands could be useful

Relevant Information for the Audience

An organization should be aware of what kind of information its audience needs to know. They might need a list of projects or details about specific programs.

They might also need to know about funding opportunities and specific giving options.

A pie chart that illustrates the proportion of the funds that go into various types of projects can also be helpful. Information given to the audience can also include a list of major accomplishments and profiles and photos of people the organization serves.

Most organizations pick a few items because it is not a good idea to cram everything into a brochure. This would make a brochure an unreadable document that no one would ever look at.

The Purpose

The aim of brochures is to attract donors and to get them to invest in nonprofits. It is important to consider certain questions while designing the brochure.

Would it motivate the recipients enough to the extent that they write a check?

Would they be moved enough to learn more about the organization and its activities?

A brochure can highlight the ongoing projects as well as the challenges that a nonprofit currently faces. This might motivate some people to volunteer their time.

The goal of the organization is very important. If the purpose of the brochure is to raise money, then everything should be designed with that goal in mind.

Uses of the Brochure

Sometimes, nonprofits print thousands of brochures and then think of ways to use them. Before brochures are created there should be clarity about who will receive the brochure and how it is going to get to its audience.

A brochure may be designed for the general public, current supporters, the media, or potential donors. The brochure may be mailed or distributed at meetings and conferences.

They may also be sent with press kits to the media.