Using Instagram For Successful Public Relations Campaigns

Using Instagram For Successful Public Relations Campaigns

Instagram is a platform with great potential for many companies. Companies will succeed on Instagram if they use the right Instagram marketing and public relations strategies.

This platform is quite different from other social media channels, as it feels different from Twitter and Facebook, and doesn’t have the professional atmosphere of LinkedIn.

Despite those differences, when it comes to marketing campaigns, Instagram has become a channel that other platforms need to reckon with. Whatever a company wants to achieve, whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, or even more website visitors, the platform can help in reaching those goals.


Although the best time to share content on Instagram can vary between audiences, the best way to figure out the timing for every business is to experiment with sharing content on different days, and at different times, to learn which timing gets the best results.

Companies also need to take the time zones of their consumers into consideration when they’re trying to schedule Instagram posts.

For instance, if a company that’s based in the US has a considerable number of followers in Europe, it’s smart to schedule a few posts during a time that’s convenient for both or either of those audiences.


After a company has taken a photo or video and has uploaded it to Instagram, they get the chance to add their location. It’s important to remember that companies can create their own location page, which will put them on the map inside the platform through Facebook, but they can also tag other types of locations to their content.

For instance, if a company is hosting an event, that event can be used as the location for a piece of content shared on the platform. To add that type of Geotag to a post, all that the business needs to do is select the event name from the list of locations available on Instagram.

Businesses can also use fun locations, such as tagging a post under the location “coffee time”, to show behind-the-scenes content, such as employees on a break during the workday.


Instagram has its own advertising platform, which provides users with audience targeting tools to create ads that cater to specific audiences.

These types of ads can be used to expose more consumers to a business, motivate more potential consumers to get interested in a company, or even generate new leads. Companies can create photo, video, carousel, collection, and stories ads.

Every ad format on Instagram has its own options for adding a call to action, such as by allowing consumers to contact the business, learn more, or download something.

Companies can create Instagram ads that are specifically targeted to users in a precise location too, to reach a specific segment of the target audience.