Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Efforts

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Efforts

There are a number of artificial intelligence tools designed specifically for marketing purposes, which allow companies to utilize the benefits of machine learning, personalization, and more.

Companies can solve a lot of issues with the help of artificial intelligence, and there are different ways that they can incorporate it too.


Plenty of marketing platforms these days have some form of artificial intelligence incorporated in them, which is used to analyze data and generate insights.

Most of the biggest marketing platforms have their own AI elements that allow companies to get cross-platform support for the various solutions they need to use.

There are also platforms that allow companies to do very specific types of work, such as creating content through the use of AI or optimizing the content for SEO efforts.

Machine learning

With the help of machine learning, companies can rely on algorithms that have been designed to utilize vast amounts of data to be able to make very complex decisions and predictions.

These types of algorithms are also able to recognize images, decipher the text, segment an audience, and anticipate the way that the audience will respond to various promotional efforts from a business.

Since these kinds of platforms are constantly learning and upgrading, they can also improve and correct themselves with very little human supervision involved.

Data and analytics

Collecting data from consumers is just one element that companies have to do. They also have to effectively analyze all that daata once they have it.

With the help of artificial intelligence, companies have a single solution to collecting, analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of data that regular people simply can’t do.

Companies that rely on artificial intelligence in their marketing efforts can analyze large amounts of data, recognize patterns in that data, link it together, and predict consumer behavior.

The more data an AI is given, the better it’s able to improve and learn, which benefits companies.


It’s important to distinguish the difference between automation and artificial intelligence.

On one hand, automation refers to all the tools and platforms that follow pre-programmed rules, that help companies finish more tasks faster, with very little human intervention.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence is designed to mimic the thought processes that people have, and help companies solve various problems.

Companies can use both of these elements to improve their marketing efforts, by using automation to scale repetitive tasks, and using AI to improve personalization efforts, for instance.

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