Video Content PR Strategy

Video Content PR Strategy

Video content has become a popular tool for public relations efforts across every industry.

These days companies of all sizes and across all industries have started using video content to showcase their expertise and tell their stories in a digestible format for their audiences.

By using video content, companies can take something that might be not interesting, or that might be difficult to understand for their customers and present it in a visually appealing and engaging manner.

This is especially important for the tech industry which tends to deal with a lot of technical terms and methodology.

According to recent trend reports, most social media users tend to only engage with short-form video content on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, but that’s not quite the case.

In fact, recently there’s been an increased pushback in favor of long form video content by many customers, with over 50% spending a lot of time consuming this type of content, compared to the short-form videos.

That means companies in the tech industry can reach their audiences and showcase their expertise through long form video content that’s inspiring and informative.


According to research, digital video content is about 12 times more likely to get shares on social media platforms compared to photos or text-based content.

Additionally, video content is the first thing that many potential customers look for when they want to learn more about a business and its products or services.

By using video content, companies in the tech industry can efficiently and effectively reach their target audiences, built a trusting relationship with them, and convert more customers.


Public relations efforts are all about telling stories, and one of the best ways that companies can tell an engaging story, one that has a detailed beginning, middle, and end, is in the form of long form video content.

With the help of video content, companies can showcase their products or services as a great potential solution for the pain points of the target audience.

Whether the video is going to be more personal, or more technical, with the help of a detailed storyline, the narrative can help companies develop better relationships with both potential and current customers.

Storytelling isn’t as easy to achieve with short-form video content, such as videos that are shared on TikTok or on Instagram.

That’s why companies in the tech industry need to take advantage of this shift in consumer interest and start investing more in long form video content.


Companies in the tech industry can use video content that demonstrates or explains the real-life applications of a company’s product or service.

Doing so can improve the trusting relationship with doing the business and its target audience.

With the help of this very powerful visual aid, companies can also put a name and a face to what’s otherwise seen by most consumers as a very impersonal entity.

This strategy helps establish more trust with consumers, resonate with the target audience, as well as generate more engagement and sales.