Three Vital Rules for Nonprofit PR

Three Vital Rules for Nonprofit PR

Ronn Torossian appreciates the work nonprofit groups do around the world. But in this article, the 5WPR CEO discusses the power charities wield to initiate conversations that would otherwise go unspoken. One of the greatest inherent benefits of successful nonprofits is the way they both compel and allow us to have difficult conversations. We are aware of the suffering and difficulty many face, but nonprofit organizations often help us put a face with a cause, to connect specific to concepts.

With this foundation in mind, here are three aspects PR firms in NYC should include in any successful nonprofit PR campaign.

#1 – An issue should be clearly communicated

Your potential donors need to understand exactly what they are supporting. Not necessarily the specific actions that will be completed, but the basic needs that are being met. Without a clearly articulated issue, your potential supporters have no reason to fight with you and nothing at all to fight against. Take a look at these 5 essential communication strategies for New York PR firms. Remember, a cause needs a focus. Otherwise nothing will be accomplished.

#2 – A solution should be clearly explained

Before they take action, donors and volunteers will want to know how their contributions will affect a solution. They may not want specifics, but those can certainly help. Ronn Torossian and top PR firm, 5WPR, says the solution offered in your nonprofit PR should be both clear and attainable.

#3 – An opportunity should be clearly extended

Some of the best PR firms in NYC fail to clearly extend an opportunity. They do a great job explaining who they are and what they are all about, but they forget to offer specifics when they ask for help. The opportunity to assist in the mission should be an invitation as clear as one would create to invite people to a party. Let them know what they will be doing and why it matters. Show them how they can connect and explain what that will look like before, during and after the fact.

The common thread in each of these concepts is clarity. If a potential donor does not understand what you are doing, they will likely not support you. As the CEO of a top PR firm, Ronn Torossian says, if your nonprofit PR can accurately and clearly convey what you are all about and how they can get involved, donors will connect with enthusiasm.