What are the Different Forms of Social Media?

What are the Different Forms of Social Media?

With changing lifestyles, merging communication channels is an in-depth strategy that can be used to introduce products and services, build a brand, and provide customer service.

Goals normally guide decisions as to which social media platforms should be chosen and for what purposes.

An outdoor equipment manufacturer who plans to launch a new type of backpack might want to post a survey on Facebook or Twitter to get an idea of  what color would be popular or what features would be important in terms of design.

It would also be a good idea to post some visuals on Pinterest, displaying the product in outdoor locations using the colors and features suggested by the audience.

Social media platforms are global and are active 24/7. That means driving traffic and sales to a website can be done anytime. The idea of staying automated 24/7 to maintain a presence on social media is not a solution.

Automated tweets or posts do not lead to the kind of interaction expected on such social media platforms.

If someone has a query or is looking for customer service and there is nobody to provide a prompt reply, it defeats the purpose of social media. This necessitates that social media teams work in shifts.

Quite a few Fortune 500 companies have round-the-clock social media teams. A company becomes popular when it has ready replies and can help customers who are distraught and cannot figure things out. If 24/7 staffing is not an option then the website or social media platforms of a business can clearly mention the hours during which it will respond to enquiries from customers.

Each social media platform can be utilized for a different purpose. It is difficult for businesses to shine on every social platform. Hence, on the basis of manpower, bandwidth and budget, it would be advantageous for a business to decide how many social media platforms it can develop and maintain.

It is important to make the most of each platform and cross-promote. Ask relevant questions like will you be able to tweet a relevant message on Twitter or will it be better to post photos on Pinterest? Or can both platforms be used?

Sephora has built brand awareness by social media integration. Sephora’s following on Facebook is at 4.7 million and it has 2.3 million Twitter followers. It also has a strong presence on Pinterest.

Here, Facebook is a customer engagement tool and gives an idea of customer likes and dislikes.

Customers are informed of new products and promotions on “ Fan Friday”. In this manner, Sephora successfully coordinates its approach on one channel to drive results in another.